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Serving Montgomery County, MD, MPM Plumbing Services is a family owned/operated licensed business located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Our goal is to give the best service possible, at affordable prices.  With over 25 years of experience in the plumbing trade, we have the knowledge, skills and tools to diagnose, repair or replace any plumbing issue that may arise.  We will keep your home clean and leave you with comfort and satisfaction, knowing the job was well done (and includes a 90 day warranty!).

We are there when you need us.  We are your hot water heater installation and replacement specialist. Water pumps, wells, filtration units, drainage, and even gas pipe leak detection and repair.

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Plumbing Repairs – The Hazards of “Do It Yourself”

A plumber carries out a wide range of tasks such as maintaining and reconstructing pipes, fittings, fixtures and other installation works. It means that during the course of a professional plumber’s career, as well as that of your everyday do-it-yourself home plumber, they will be taking on a wide array of conditions. The plumber will work with lots of tools and if appropriate precautions may not easily taken, placing the plumber into an exposed and very hazardous position.  There is no doubt that some jobs imply some risks; plumbing jobs are not an exception. If you will engage in some risky tasks, the tips below will help you to ensure your safety as much as possible.

Health-related risks
Plumbers always have to work in various environments. It means that they will be subjected to lots of risks. A common risk is being subjected to chemicals or asbestos. To prevent extra exposure, you should investigate the surroundings prior to starting work, and wear appropriate gloves, masks, and clothing if those areas of your body could be exposed to the area of risk.

Take safety measures for electrocution
When dealing with electrical devices, wet environments can be especially hazardous, as there are many risks of electrocution. It often occurs when the plumber thinks that the electricity to the area being worked on has been turned off.  It is a fallacy that can result in injury and even death. So, be particularly attentive to others telling you they have already turned off the electricity to make sure they understand what they are talking about.  Also make sure that you use power tools that are safe for wet environments. When working with metal pipes, you should be very watchful. If you feel prickling when contacting a steel pipe, stop your work immediately, as this is a definite sign of electricity near.

Working in places where there are many people
Sometimes you will have to work in small, constricting, and even overcrowded conditions. In these cases, you should be very careful because there are lots of risks involved. If you are not careful enough, you can be exposed to oxygen deficiency or to hydrogen sulfide, a by-product of sewage breakdown, which can be very unhealthy. Constant supply of fresh air will make your tasks much less dangerous to airborne toxins or lack of sufficient oxygen.

The right safety garment and tools
Plumbersoften have to work in wet conditions. There are many risks that a plumber can face in these areas, so wear the right footwear to prevent slips and falls. It is vital to be able to go around conveniently, so you should keep your area clean for any form of cluttering. Make sure that all your equipment and tools are in good working condition all the time, and organized for easy access when in a bind and needed to be accessed quickly on the job. Make certain that you also use eye protection glasses when performing grinding or cutting.

If you are suffering from any problems with equipment like water heaters, disposals, gas pipes, or bathroom equipment, you may need the services of a professional plumber instead of attempting the job yourself.  Seriously evaluate each job before attempting to self-service your plumbing issues in the home, and make the right choice prior to starting the work.  It could save you a lot of time, money, and risks down the road.

Please Stay Safe! – MPM Plumbing Services

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